March 29, 2018

Connie Elliott

I was lucky enough to find Connie on my first email to a realtor who had a property listed that I was interested in. From that first phone call, Connie became my representative in a world I knew very little about. Connie was the perfect advisor, pointing out the positives and negatives without judgement, allowing me to make my own decision without any bias. When she told me there was no pressure to make any decision in a hurry (not too mention gently guiding me back to my budget when I felt overwhelmed) and that we would keep looking at places until I was satisfied, I believed her.  Connie has the experience and kindness I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants someone to share, what can be a very stressful, journey with and reach a happy ending! 
Thank you, Connie.
Ellen K

Ellen K

December 29, 2017

Working with Connie Elliott was great!  She worked hard to make sure that we found a home we would love, and gave us great advice along the way.  I was able to contact her at any time, and no question was too silly or too small. I would highly recommend Connie to help you with your move!


    Marty O 12/29/17

Marty O

December 14, 2017


I am so grateful I met you at your open house. 

Connie exceeded my expectations in helping me find the perfect town home. She worked hard, was always available and extremely responsive. I would highly recommend Connie as she works to get results, quickly and with honesty and integrity. Apart from that she is just a wonderful and kind person.




    Charlotte B 12/14/17

Charlotte B

August 23, 2017

Connie Elliott

Connie provided my wife and I with exceptional customer service, sound industry expertise and strong professional business experience in the selling of our home.  We needed the home sold within a four to six week period. She displayed complete confidence and took charge immediately. Connie’s high level communications were exhibited throughout the selling experience; this being of vital importance to my wife and I. Our house was sold within a three-week period. This is a tremendous success thanks to the determined efforts and competencies of Connie Elliott. Complementing the host of skill sets and attributes that she possesses, she is a most wonderful person to work with.

I strongly recommend her talents and services, Connie gets the job done…and gets it done well.


David & Natalia

Connie is the consummate customer service/sales representative that every company wishes they could hire. A genuine, caring, warm and friendly manner is rare in the marketplace and it is exactly what makes Connie special.

Warren Brander

I have worked with Connie on numerous projects. Each time, it was a real pleasure to work with this increasingly rare breed of conscientious people. 

Connie is professional, attentive to details, on time and always provides more than what one might expect. 

In a climate of important regulatory compliance and where a company values high quality products and services, Connie really comes through. I highly recommend her services. 

Alan Roy


Stephen Holmes

Connie is a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail and 
general level of professionalism is second to none.
Connie kept us continuously informed with all aspects of the project, 
and accommodated us on numerous occasions with excellent customer 
I cannot recommend her highly enough and look forward to working with 
her in the future.

Kevin Liu

I've worked with Connie close to 4 years and I definitely have told her she's one of the best business or sales person I've dealt with. A very professional person but never forgets to add a personal touch to every conversation or transaction. She is detail oriented and follows through deals especially any unfortunate issues a customer may encounter. She makes sure you get the best service and products and makes sure any unfortunate issue will be resolved as quick and efficient as possible in her customer's favor. I recommend her very well fitting for any management, customer relations and sales circle.

Hazel Hilario

Her keen attention to detail, quick response time, and proactive initiatives all allowed us to meet our deadlines every time. When Connie said something would be done, we knew it would be.

I can absolutely recommend her, she will be a prized employee for any organization.

Graham Berkhold

Along with her industry knowledge, her attention to detail and client care is always over and above what most suppliers offer. Connie's work ethics and drive are refreshing and rare. I would never have any hesitation to recommend my clients to Connie, regardless of the industry.

Linda Webb

Worked with Connie for over 3 years and it was a pleasure to do so.Very diligent in her work and would constantly strive to get us whatever we needed. Highly responsive to emails/phone calls and understands the urgency of certain orders. Really hope we cross paths again in the future.

John Martyn

We have worked with Connie for several years. She always provided excellent service and great followup. She is organized and always quick to respond to questions and diligently works to solve problems. One of the most effective sales professionals I have come in contact with.

Reinhardt Hukenfrers

I have worked with Connie for a number of years. She is a very experienced and accomplished sales professional. I was always satisfied with the level of service provided which was efficient and on time. Connie is open minded, have great personal skills and is always willing to go extra mile to meet customer's needs. I have no doubt that she can contribute to the success of any business organization.

Andrzej (Andrew) Markowski